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Nutrisystem has been ruling the diet industry for over 35 years. With its wide ranging weight loss plans it has been helping the citizens of America to stay healthy and slim. Nutrisystem Inc. publicly ventured into the weight loss trade during the year 1999. At the same time, it joined hands with consultants countrywide and established its network of marketing sectors. It also paved way for direct sales of its products through a novel system named Nutrisystem Direct., the official website of the company was also launched during the same time which led to the global recognition of this ground breaking weight loss system.

150 menu options

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Strategy – How it works?

Diet Foods: The weight loss plans of Nutrisystem are devised based on the nutritional guiding principle of national health organizations. The foods are low in GI and offer decisive contentment to the dieters. All the diet dishes are carefully prepared considering the good health and fitness of subscribers. The diet foods are nutritionally balanced and portion controlled, which evade the dieters’ concerns of computing calories each day. Besides, all the diet foods are low in fat, salt, carbohydrates and calories which are the crucial aspects of any weight loss plan. The diet meals are fortified with sufficient protein that helps you preserve your lean muscle mass and keep you full in between meals.

Diet Delivery: The diet plans of Nutrisystem are customizable which enables subscribers to handpick their choice of foods for all the 28 days’ supply. Opting for auto-delivery facilitates customers to save recurring monthly deliveries. If you have subscribed for any of the meal plan of Nutrisystem, the prepackaged meals arrive at your doorstep in frozen condition. Just free up some space in your refrigerator to store the foods for the day. At your scheduled meal time, you can take it out and reheat in the microwave oven and relish at your own comfortable living space.

Nutrisystem_01Meal Options: Nutrisystem provides 150 delectable meal options from which you can customize your menu for the day. The meal choices are really feasting and ensure satisfying your palates. Nutrisystem lays emphasis on having 5 meals plus one snacks and desserts for a day. Additionally, you are asked to shop at the grocery to grab the SmartCarbs and PowerFuels for an enriched nutrition and satiation. The low glycemic factor employed in the meal options helps dieters to control hunger in between meals. As the dieters are entitled to have 6 meals a day, they feel full for a longer time and the body remains in a good fat burning stage throughout.

Diet Plans For All: Nutrisystem ensures safe weight loss plans for people of all walks of life. They have plans for women, men, diabetics, senior citizens and also for ailing individuals. Nutriystem D, which is meant for diabetics, helps you lose weight while controlling diabetes. The subscribers of this plan can benefit from prompt support of qualified diabetes instructors, dietitians and counselors.

Online Charisma

Nutrisystem’s online charisma is its strength. Nutrisystem stands as a supporting pillar for busy individuals who need a helping hand to stay healthy and fit. The online website of Nutrisystem is enriched with wide ranging nutritional information and informative web contents that constantly educate dieters with dieting strategies. The online tools and trackers help dieters stay motivated with the diet plan and converse with likeminded people. The Grocery Guide and Meal Planner help dieters to choose the right meals for the day.


The Daily Dose blog enables dieters to have an insight about dieting and stay inspired. With the help of personalized progress reports dieters get to know where they stand in the progress and alter things accordingly. The transition and maintenance plans educate dieters about how to sustain the weight loss achieved for lifelong. Visiting Recipe Center and Dining Out Guide will provide you with knowledge of preparing your own foods and related tips. Dieters can stay connected with Nutrisystem by subscribing to Nutrisystem Newsletter.

Weight loss claims, Offers and Money Back Guarantee

Nutrisystem claims that dieters can lose up to 2 lbs weekly in a steady pace. This is identified as a safe weight loss journey by expert dietitians and medical practitioners. Nutrisystem site constantly runs coupon offers and price offs. Dieters can avail great discounts on their orders and enjoy an economical weight loss expedition. Besides, Nutrisystem also includes a risk free guarantee policy which assures that if the takers are not contented with the diet program, they can claim their money back. The refund claim has to be placed within 14 days of subscribing to the diet plan.

Final Words

Nutrisystem works for all people. This is evident with the manifold success stories of people from all walks of life displayed at the official website. The success of Nutrisystem is due to its attributes which include actual results, thoughtful science, full comfort and unbeatable pricing structure. Make Nutrisystem your way and grab a plan that best suits your metabolism.